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Haldon Lockly



This is a story of the eye, or what the eye sees when it finally opens, though the story pretends to be a story about death (which is actually the case with every story ever written). To add to the confusion, this is also a story about death and about what comes after, although it pretends to be a story about the eye, or what it sees when it finally opens (which is actually the case with most of the stories ever written). If we must be exact, this is the story of a missed paycheck and what comes after, or the story of a man who doesn't want to die, although he is already dead, or at any rate the story of a man whose eyes are closed and what it takes to open them.



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Post-Postlude: a Study in
Second-degree Metaphors

(contains spoilers)

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Pages 48


Βinding Machine stitched


Size 10 X 15 cm


Package Paper box


Released October 2014


Notes Stamped and numbered



…so as it turns out everybody knows I’m dead, though I remain unconvinced. It happened a couple of months ago, I’ve been told. I’ve had to be told,  repeatedly, since whatever ‘it’ was, it occurred without my ever noticing it. Would I? Maybe not. Depends on the kind and speed of death. Irrespective of attention, awareness is possible only within certain limits. Below or above those limits, who can say. The very small and very fast is as difficult to see as the very large and very slow, if not for the same reasons.


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